Monday, February 27, 2012

3 days 2 nights

assalammualaikum w.b.t.

im so sorry for a long because make all of you waiting for our update story.. actually, i had technical problem.. (connection actually).. so loading.. i want to upload photo to make this blog entries interesting but it became so and so loading to open..(stress face)..
okay2.. stop nonsense here.. hehe

now we go to the main point of this entry..
3 days 2 night? is it about holiday?? NO! NO! NO!
camping?? maybe..
where is it held??
a peace place.. with a nice scenery..try imagine the scene where is it take at the beach side.. beside jetty..and the waves..

many type of activities have been prepared. like ice breaking, cooking competition, create group, candle war.. we have divided by 6 group which are MRC DA BOMB, MRC LETUP, MRC WHOA, MRC SNIPERS, MRC OHSEM AND MRC MARVELLOUS. each group has 10/11 person from various background, position, mahallah and many more.

after candle war- cute ^^

mrc marvellous logo

mrc da bomb logo

mrc snipers logo

mrc letop logo

mrc whoa logo

mrc ohsem logo

briefing on some activities

the ingredients

mRC DA BOMB FOOD-2nd place


delicious or not???hehe

hafizudin and instructor(shah rizal)

another instructor~ 

really concentrate.

bbq - Fara eats without doubt..

MRC WHOA members-1st place

all members of mrc cfs iium

this is our team-MRC MARYAm

abid looks pity~ haha

MRC DA BOMB members..simple cooking.
ahhhhh.. really happening camping activites. everyone felt very happy and i hope all of us get something from this leadership. thanks to our Mdm ROSE because prepared this program for us and thanks also to the instructors for giving all of us knowledge. thanks also to mrc members because we have well cooperating together.thank you for reading this post. i really appreciate it and im so sorry for late update.. so, HAVE A NICE DAY WITH BLESS OF ALLAH. MAY ALLAH BLESS US. wassalam

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