Wednesday, February 15, 2012

surah kedua


thanks a lot for visiting this blog. im so sorry because a long time i did not update this being such busy..
okay, on wednesday (15/2/2012). we have organize one event which is RECITING SURAH AL-BAQARAH.. this event had been held in Musolla of Each block Mahallah Maryam..
maghrib prayer
reciting surah together

concentrate on tazkirah

in brother's block-many comes

really concentrate on reciting surah al-baqarah

share together on reciting 

bro. Suhaimi give some talks to them

that's all the activity during that day. i am really really sorry because late updating this event. i have problems with internet.. sorry to all. thanks you for coming during the events. i represent my mrc members really appreciate your attendance and support.. thank you very much. thats all. have a great day with BLESS FROM ALLAH. MAY ALLAH BLESS ALL OF YOU! ^^

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