Friday, February 10, 2012

Malam JUmaat

assalammualaikum ..

as a long time no post, today i want to tell all of you about yesterday night..
there is something happen..
sounds suspent right??haha
don't worry nothing weird happen..

actually, yesterday our Mahallah maryam had organized 'MAJLIS BACAAN YAASIN'..
it was for opening our Mahallah as a long time nobody stay here around  half and year.
alhamdulillah , along the event was going smooth.
abid -heading the event very well


looks sleepy..haha
girls mostly come. tq.. ^^
seems bloom.. ^^

terserlah keceriaan
all lend their ears to madam..

 so, thank you very much to all of you for coming our first event..
hope so after this you will commite with us..
thats all.. sorry for late posting.. cause im bit busy..
so, live your life very well and happily..

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